I hope you find inspiration here. You can find samples of previously staged or published works plus works currently in development in the ‘works’ section.

Otherwise, feel free to peruse the posts in the ‘wordfall’ blog section. It’s a place for words to flow, less edited and more immediate. Hopefully there may be some precious material amongst the jetsam.


Superhal – the superhero origin story of Shakespeare’s Henry V.

Superhal was performed at the Parade Theatre at NIDA in March 2017.

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Small World

A novel for young readers (8-13)

An ordinary boy is targeted at his primary school by evil war criminals from the future, who want to stop him becoming the first president of a world government run by children.
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Full Moon Over Faulconbridge

with Victor Spiegel

Set in a fantasy version of the Blue Mountains, NSW,  Full Moon Over Faulconbridge is a story of reconciliation and healing, and deals with the themes of respect for the earth, respect for each other and the misuse of power. Learn More


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