Caught in the Portal

Caught in the Portal is a musical set in an elite Sydney private school. Peter has just moved to St John’s school to complete his HSC studies. He is bemused by the staid traditions and insular world he finds there. He befriends a boy, Red, from the local public school. Red is a political animal and opens Peter’s eyes to the corruption, conformity and control that is required to keep a school like St. John’s operating the way it does. As Peter’s investigations of the staff and students reveal an underbelly of drugs, violence and intimidation that leads all the way to the top, he realises that his life may be in danger…

‘St. John’s is like an island snatching kids at ten/
inside its walls the little boys learn to be little men.’

Caught in the Portal: lyrics, book and music by John Galea. Contact the author for more information.